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Far From Saints CD + Art Print

Far From Saints CD + Art Print

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Release Date: 16th June 2023

  • CD + 12" x 12"Art Print

Far From Saints are a new band featuring Kelly Jones of Stereophonics with Patty Lynn and Dwight Baker from The Wind and The Wave.

Their self-titled debut album was written and produced by the band and mixed by Grammy-nominated Al Clay (Blur, Pixies). Taking in elements of country, rock, folk, soul, and Americana, it is a remarkable collection of expertly crafted songs that touch on themes of love, perseverance, self-doubt, and self-healing.

Album includes ‘Let’s Turn This Back Around’, ‘Take It Through The Night’ and new single ‘Screaming Hallelujah’.

  1. Screaming Hallelujah
  2. Faded Black Tattoo
  3. Take It Through The Night
  4. Let’s Turn This Back Around
  5. Gonna Find What’s Killing Me
  6. The Ride
  7. We Won’t Get Out Alive
  8. No Fool Like An Old Fool
  9. Let The Light Shine Over You
  10. Own It
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